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2015 Toronto Condo Market Predictions

As we approach the New Year, here’s our take on emerging real estate trends impacting the 2015 Toronto condo market.


Mixed Messages = Mental Mayhem

It’s no wonder homebuyers feel they need a crystal ball to make smart purchasing decisions. Trying to reconcile contradicting Toronto real estate market predictions is frustrating business and there’s no shortage of conflicting opinions on the future values of condos in Toronto.

First, we’re told that there’s an over-supply of Toronto condos for sale looming with new build constructions and overzealous investors leading to an impending condo bust. Next, we hear that an increase in downtown living is driving the market and immigration will keep demand for Toronto condos high, giving a clean bill of health to the Toronto real estate market.

Hot Tub Scandal: Toronto Condo Lawsuit

We’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s happening in Canadian condo law. There’s been a lot of legal activity surrounding Toronto condos over the last few years which is no surprise given the surge in new condo developments. Some of the most high profile cases include a series of major class action lawsuits against condo developers led by Toronto lawyer Ted Charney.

Everything from developers limiting their liability on building defects to corruption in the administration of maintenance fees have hit the headlines. It’s made us think back to a 2009 case that’s important for Toronto condo owners to be aware of – the heated battle over the hot tub as reported on again recently by The Toronto Star.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a Toronto Condo

Doomsday naysayers look away. We’ve just seen Interstellar and are watching far too much of The Walking Dead. But while this post is just for fun (we make no warranties on the ability of condos for sale in Toronto to ward off apocalyptic threats of the zombie variety or otherwise), there are condo developers and buyers who take their end of days plans seriously. Very seriously indeed.

Cue the multi-million dollar U.S. condo bunker, a former weapons bunker turned exclusive residential development. For fans of dystopian novelist Hugh Howey, the “Luxury Survival Condos” in rural Kansas will conjure images of the underground silos in the Wool trilogy. Built to survive a nuclear war, this subterranean condo will keep 70 people alive for five years according to the National Post.

Toronto Condo Décor Tips: Window Treatments

One of the most overlooked areas when decorating a Toronto condo is window treatments. Toronto condos often have floor to ceiling windows with stunning views but all that reliance on glass construction provides little in the way of privacy or temperature control. But many people struggle with balancing form and function when it comes to designing window treatments for condos in Toronto.

When I started hunting for condos for sale in Toronto and eventually purchased my first property, the glorious wall of windows that attracted me to the unit became my first big design dilemma. But I had an edge–my mother is an interior decorator. Retired now but always ready with advice (wanted or otherwise) on my latest Toronto real estate project.

Should You Buy A Pre-Construction Toronto Condo?

I’ve spoken before about the hidden costs of buying pre-construction along with the penalties of selling too soon. I’m not, however, anti-pre-construction. In fact, there are numerous benefits to buying pre-construction Toronto condos which we’ll explore here.

What I am firm on with my clients is to never take anything for granted. Never assume pre-construction condos for sale in Toronto are a better deal. Never assume it’s a better investment than re-sale. And always make sure that you’re educated on the real costs of buying and selling a pre-construction Toronto condo before jumping into a contract.

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